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  • 1688 Grand Blanc in French Touch Magazine
  • Magnificent advertising in the magazine ARTABAZOS dedicated to the painter Ghass and the lauching of the new iconic French sports car the Apline A110! 
  • Discover
    the commercial dedicated to
    the 1688 Grand Rosé
  • Winner at the Paris Food
    Innovation competition 2012
    topic Health, Nutrition and Wellness. 
  • A unique savoir-faire

    It looks like
    a little revolution
    is on its way
    on the non-alcohol
    drink market.

    Produced by Maison Honoré du Faubourg, the 1688 Grand Rosé and 1688 Grand Blanc combine a delicate alliance of grape must and natural flavor. This exclusive creation stands out for its fine bubbles and its extraordinary freshness. The Maison Honoré du Faubourg has combined its skills and expertise to give to its 1688 Cuvee a powerful aroma.

  • 0.0% alcohol

    The 1688 Grand Rosé and 1688 Grand Blanc contain 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. The unique manufacturing process is inspired by a traditional method enabling the release of the grapes floral and fruity flavors with no fermentation. Passionate, skillful and experienced, each stage of the production is carefully followed-up from the meticulous selection of the grapes and of the ingredients to the bottling in order to ensure constant quality in the production. It is this constant search of perfection that has allowed Maison Honoré du Faubourg to produce 1688 Grand Rosé and 1688 Grand Blanc.
    100% natural

The Legend

  • Paris, 1688. On a beautiful spring day, a young man named Honoré befriended an aged bishop, native of the Châlons-en-Champagne region. Worn-down by time, the old man passed away a few months later. With his last words, he whispered in his friend’s ear the secret recipe for an elixir that he was the only one who possessed it. Honoré swore by all the saints that he would never disclose it to anyone. History does not tell us what happened to him, or what he did with this weighty secret.
  • But according to a legend, Honoré managed to seduce the most beautiful young maiden by following the old bishop’s recipe to the letter and so, creating an elixir to arouse her passion. Jealous men accused him of witchcraft. One morning, tired of being relentlessly attacked, Honoré and his beloved disappeared. Nobody ever saw them again.
  • In 1928, a sealed envelope, yellowed by centuries gone by, was discovered during the restoration of an ancient Parisian building on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The dusty and almost illegible letter described with great precision a recipe, with no alcohol, based on red and white grapes. It was signed: Honoré. Back then the recipe was considered uninteresting and with no future. So the old envelope ended up in a box... before reappearing in 1988, on the stall of a secondhand bookseller on the banks of the Seine
  • A new lifestyle experience

    I firmly believe
    in the beneficial effects of the 1688 Cuvee
    with no alcohol, which offers,
    within the realm of luxury, new pleasures
    that can be shared without moderation.
    Rémi Rossano
    Passionate about wine and gastronomy, Rémi Rossano, founder of the Maison Honoré du Faubourg, has gathered creative wine-grower friends to revive this legend and give a second new life to this incredible recipe. The objective is to combine no alcohol with full flavor while valuing noble ingredients.
  • 100% luxury

    The most luxuries creations with no alcohol reveal its full flavor in an elegant Vintage bottle. An elegant ruby red cap for the Rosé and anthracite gray for the White cover the fire-branded double ring crown cork with a decorated wire-cap.

    Always looking
    for perfection,
    the Maison Honoré du Faubourg
    presents the 1688 Cuvee
    in an ultra-premium packaging.

maison honoré du faubourg ®
The Collection

  • a new lifestyle

  • Visual Impression
    Yellowish with gold highlights.
    Olfactory impression
    The aroma is sophisticated and refined,
    the nose is both very fresh and complex with undergrowth.
    Taste Impression
    A fluid and well-balanced vintage.
    The attack makes a strong impression.
    Slightly acidic in the mouth with a rather robust finish.
    Notes of white and yellow fruits like crispy pear
    and quince support this fluid and balanced cuvee. Delicate clear bubbles.
  • To Accompany Food
    This vintage will be very good as an aperitif.
    During a meal 1688 Grand Blanc is a perfect
    accompaniment to white meats (paillard of veal escalope,
    fillet of pork or chicken tagine) and fish
    (grilled sole, salmon en papillotte, roast monkfish…)
  • a unique

  • Visual Impression
    Deep pink colour with delicate salmon-pink highlights.
    Olfactory Impression
    A clean and fruity aroma with a dominant
    sensation of outstanding freshness.
    Taste Impression
    The taste is above all fruity.
    The attack is subtle, mild and soft.
    The range of aromas of small red fruit like
    raspberry, strawberry and blackberry is
    rounded off with Muscat grapes.
    Delightful, delicate bubbles.
  • To Accompany Food
    1688 Grand Rosé is ideal as an aperitif.
    This vintage will perfectly accompany starters
    like foie gras or prawn cocktail as well as
    savoury or sweet dishes (like guinea fowl supreme
    with salted butter caramel, duck à l'orange
    or turbot with grapes...). It will bring an
    unexpected touch of freshness to desserts.
  • Awards
    In 2012, the 1688 Grand Rosé received the first price
    at the Paris Food Innovation Competition
    topic Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

maison honoré du faubourg ®
Your 1688 Moments

  • Enjoy Your 1688 Cuvee

    1688 Cuvee
    1688 Bottle
    1688 Cuvee
    1688 Cuvee
  • Storing 1688 Cuvee

    To maintain the quality of 1688 Grand Rosé and 1688 Grand Blanc, we recommend you to store them away from heat in a dry and clean area away from direct daylight. Fresh and fruity, the 1688 Cuvee has to be enjoyed in its youth.
  • Chilling
    1688 Bottle

    To chill the bottle the ideal is the champagne bucket full of a quarter of ice for three quarts of water. In maximum 30 minutes your 1688 Cuvee will be ready for a very pleasant tasting (between 6 and 8 degrees). If the champagne bucket fails you, the refrigerator is the easiest way to reach the perfect temperature in maximum 3 hours. Put the bottle horizontally for a better temperature distribution.For an extreme refreshment, we suggest you to serve your 1688 Cuvee frappe (between 2 and 4 degrees). The feeling of freshness will be boosted with powerful and icy bubbles.
  • Uncorking
    1688 Cuvee

    Take the chilled bottle from the champagne bucket, dry it and remove the cap and the wire cap. Carefully hold your bottle at an angle and maintain a firm group on the cork. Be careful not to hold the bottle in the direction of one of your neighbors, just in case the cork pops out without warning. Gently turn the bottle to free the cork and wipe the side of the bottle before pouring. A bottle should normally served up to 5 at 8 flutes.
  • Taste
    1688 Cuvee

    For a perfect tasting, serve your 1688 Grand Rosé and 1688 Blanc in crystal or fine glass flutes. The flute is the ideal shaped glass to serve the 1688 Cuvee as it allows the aroma to develop best. Ideally the flute should be egg-shaped with a cone-shaped bottom to ease the release of the bubbles and to concentrate their aromas.

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